Where is Mighty Mocs based?

Officially, we are a St Thomas-based company, but if you don't know where that is, we're just south of London Ontario. Still don't know where that is? We're two hours south west of Toronto. Still don't know - Google maps!

Where are Mighty Mocs made?

Locally. When you purchase anything from our site, you are supporting hardworking local families. 

Are Mighty Mocs real leather?

100%! All of the leather used to make our Moccasins is 100% premium, sourced from across North America.

How do I take care of the leather?

 A warm damp cloth should do the trick.

Can I order a style, colour or size that isn't displayed on the website?

Possibly! Contact us first. We aim to please where possible.

Is Checkout in CAD? 

Always. Products can be viewed in either CAD or USD, however, the totals at checkout are in CAD. (this doesn't affect the amount our US customers end up paying).