Husband and wife duo, Rachel & Dan started Mighty Mocs in early 2016, with a hobby-turned-business making custom baby moccasins for baby shower gifts! With lots of friends having babies, Rachel was kept really busy, and before long, moms were asking where they could buy them!

Now, the business is growing and we get to send our moccasins and other products to homes all over Canada and the States! Thank you! What an adventure. Something else that is really cool is being able to hire local moms to help because we're just too busy, so now everything is not only made locally but we get to invest back into our community. 

'Mighty' to us is more than a business. We want to raise kids who are strong, confident, generous and, well... mighty! (Check out Psalm 112:2)

Zachariah joined the team a year after we started MM. He fits in great as product tester, footwear model and general "helper". Eden joined in 2018 and Oliver completes the trio as of August 2020!

We've also committed to support organizations who love babies and families like we do, including the London Pregnancy Centre and Focus On The Family Canada.